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A Single Tear
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A Single Tear

Blow out the candle that shines in the deepest corner of my soul,

beyond those nightmares which I can’t control.

Thoughts and dreams, whispers and screams

living in darkness, we all fall asleep.

Go away, escape from this lonely room

you don’t have to feel the way I do.

And now there’s nothing left to feel,

the end of light was my biggest fear.

You won’t hear me screaming in the dark,

nor the last beats of my heart.

I realized I was so afraid, but now you’re so far away.

There’s no one to blame but me.

Not today, those pretty words I said to you

are burning now, I’m all that flames will consume.

Oh, but you don’t have to care about it,

I’m dead and there’s no place for doubt.

I know that nothing can bring you back,

my sunny days will all turn black.

I realized why you couldn’t stay, all my promises started to fade.

Never thought to fall so deep.

You were all my desire,

but, how could you trust in a liar?

I promise you I won’t cry a single tear

as insignificant like me.

(martes 11 de febrero, 2014)

28 de octubre de 2016 Enrique de Jesús Bárcenas Lozano Poesía Número 6 English Angst

Catherine Earnshaw
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